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Our History

Our History


It all started in 1938 ...

 The war was on and things were scarce.  Dental Technicians were having great difficulty obtaining the materials they needed (especially for casting).  HENRI TORNIER a mechanical engineer and friend of a technician used his skills to solve these problems by coming up with a new solution using NICKEL CHROME, which is ideal for their requirements and was available. Production began…..

In 1942 HENRI TORNIER registers the NICHROMINOX brand (Nickel-Chrome-Stainless). He creates a range of products for dental prosthetic laboratories along with various accessories for dental surgeries. 

In 1944 a second range of products are launched for Maxillo Facial Surgery, including Arch bars for a fractured jaw bone; then a few years later, plates, screws and instruments for facial bone surgery are added


In 1980 Arlette LEFRANCQ-LUMIERE (his daughter) takes over the company along with her son Eric.

At that point they launch a third family of products including a range of accessories for dental practices: beginning with boxes and trays, and then following with a range of retractors.

Here are the key dates of Nichrominox expansion :

- 1987 Nichrominox introduces technical boxes for various types of  burs, endodontic and hand instruments.

- 1992 Nichrominox opens a new Facility in Lyon.

- 1997 to 1999 the company grows, adding new buildings to the existing facility and purchasing a new CNC machine to speed up production.

- 2001 is a year of reorganisation, setting new rules, and the beginning of a 35 hour working week.

- 2003 new software for manufacturing, "an Enterprise Resources Planification ERP" (Resource Management) is incorporated into the company.

- 2004 a change in limited status to help the company grow.

- 2005 : the purchasing of a subcontractor ‘GALVALOIRE’, a surface treatment company who anodises the trays and boxes for Nichrominox, takes place.

- 2008 The fourth generation joins the company : Alexandre and Cedric LEFRANCQ-LUMIERE.

- 2010 is a very special year for Nichrominox moving from their old factory to a brand new purpose built 3,500 square meters manufacturing and storage facility in the near suburbs of Lyon.

- 2015 : Nichrominox begin the introduction of robots in the manufacturing process.


          Henri  TORNIER